Recorded, mixed and mastered by The OddTones

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From The OddTones Traveling Studio


It’s like jazz in that the players must listen closely to each other, concentrate on what the others are playing, fit into the groove, and improvise the rest on that theme.

It’s artistic, interesting, and challenging.
That’s why we do it the way we do.
After all,
we’re allowed.
We are the ODDTONES.

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Over 55 minutes of OddTone Sound

We're Allowed - Back

We're Allowed - inside

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WAYLAND HARMAN: trumps - micro A and others, mouthbow, clackamore, ashiko (african drum), piano, didjeridu (didj), kalimba, CD engineering and production, graphic art

MARK POSS: trumps, kubing, dejembe (another african drum), hand claps, vocals, lyrics (Horrors of the show), throat singing, cymbals, finger cymbals, rainstick, clackamore, guiro, 4 piece trap set, CD engineering and production, text and graphic editor.

MICHAEL BRUESCH: electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, vocals, lyrics, CD text and liner notes, musical director/arranger/songwriter, gig booker,

Special thanks to:

BARRY SHERMAN for his didj part on Barry Good
DAN GOSSI for his support and friendship
OUR WIVES and FAMILIES for their support and patience
THE JEW’S HARP GUILD for their venue, support and patience
STEVE FULTON for the studio time and efforts
IN MEMORY OF DR. GUY GRANT of Devenport, Australia.  The original modern odd-muse

This oddio production is a fusion of what we know (Western & European influence) and what we have learned (3rd world and Eastern influence). Let it always be so.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by The OddTones using The OddTones Traveling Studio. DogFrogCatFish recorded live at the North American Jew's Harp Festival 1997.

© Copyright 2002 - The OddTones All rights reserved -

Here's what folks have had to say about We're Allowed :

Dr. Fred Carne – Editor of the Trump journal VIM

Mouth Music Press dbs 2204. The OddTones, We’re Allowed. The OddTones are Wayland Harmon (trumps, clackamore [his invention]), Mark Poss (trumps, vocals), Michael Bruesch (guitars, mandolin, vocals), and all on numerous percussion and mouth-resonated instruments. Ten of the 17 tracks include trumping (and they call the instrument trump, bless their souls!). The notes make quite a point of the oddness of the music. Well—I’ve heard odd music in my time, even sought it out, and I have to say that I’ve heard a lot odder than this. What I hear is a personal concoction of a little bit of country and quite a bit of blues, with elements of jazz and world music. The trump aficionado will take much satisfaction in hearing the ways the trump is used—very few of them traditional; the tracks that feature the trump are memorable. I hope it won’t sound like faint praise if I say that this is very pleasant, listenable music throughout. It’s hot off the press, or whatever CDs come off of. Order from


Bart Hopkin - Editor, Experimental Musical Instruments

Many thanks for sending the OddTones CD. I love it. the mouthmusic
textures are completely refreshing, and with the surrounding musical
goings-on they add up to some wonderful pieces of music. I'd say that's the
most striking thing about it -- how the mouth-resonated instruments fully
hold their own in the context of the other instruments, and in doing so lend
the whole thing an unmistakable, distinctive texture. They integrate and
are integral and yet they prominently retain their unique character. Great


DaveX - DJ - "It's Too Damn Early" radio show, WDBX 91.1FM, Illinois

The Odd Tones [] - Using such diverse instruments as jaw harps, djembes, nose flutes, and even some throat singing, the Odd Tones put together an extremely listenable album that neatly avoids the new-age garbage that is so often forced on these instruments. Most incredible are the new ways in which Odd Tones Wayland, Mark, and Michael find to fit the instruments together. A more subtle form of experimental music that doesn't get explored very often, like finding cool things in your backyard, instead of going to find them at the bottom of the ocean.


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