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(Jews Harps)

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The Oddtones

North American Jew's Harp Festival
1998 - 2000 Highlights

Compact Disc - DBS-2707 - Total Time : 61:47

US$12.00 each + US$ 3.00 S & H in USA (US$ 5.00 international).
Sorry no CODs.

North American Jew's Harp Festival 1998-2000 Highlights

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Highlights 1998 - 2000

The North American Jew’s Harp Festival is . . .
musicians from Australia, Austria, Hungary,
the Netherlands, and the United States
playing traditional, original, improvisational,
and uncategorizable music on Jew’s harp,
dumbek, bhodran, Clackamore, cigar box
fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, random
pieces of wood, and more.

There’s nothing else like the
North American Jew’s Harp Festival.

A quality recording! You won't believe it was recorded live.

Songs, Times, Performers and Year

1 American-Hungarian Duet 3:18  Larry Hanks (low), Aron Szilágyi (high), 1998

2 Hungarian-American Duet 3:16  Aron Szilágyi (low), Larry Hanks (high), 1998

3 Pebbles 2:13  Susan Koch (vocals, dumbek). 1998

4 Wood Jam [excerpt] 2:43  Many musicians playing instruments made entirely of wood or  bamboo. 1998

5 Minor Third 3:35  Bill Gohring (JH–right), Gordon Frazier (JH–left). 1998

6 Reel Enough 3:53  Dave Gloor (diatonic squeezebox), Gordon Frazier (JH), Denver Greer (bhodran), and others. 1998

7 Sometimes Why 2:12  Wayland Harman (vocals, JH). 1998

8 A Hungarian Doromb Player  in America 2:15  Aron Szilágyi (dorumb). 1998

9 Multiple Tongues 6:45  Aron Szilágyi (dorumb). 1998

10 Uncle Joe 3:10  Dick Kaiser (cigar box fiddle, vocals),  Kreg Hawkins (mandolin, harmony vocals), Jerry Copeland (guitar). 2000

11 Mouthbowing 0:57  Wayland Harman (mouthbow). 2000

12 DogFrogCatFish 3:20  The Oddtones—Michael Bruesch (guitar), Wayland Harman (Clackamore), Mark Poss (JH). 1999

13 Inuit Breath 2:03  Desiree van Dijk, Ingrid Berkhout. 1999

14 Exploration 3:32  Jules DeGiulio (JH). 1999

15 Oceania 3:04  Matt Whyntie (didjeridu), Gordon Frazier (kubing). 1999

16 A Story With No Words 1:12  Job Matusow (JH). 1999

17 Sourwood Mountain/Sandy River Belle/Buffalo Gals 4:18  Larry Hanks (JH, vocals), Rick Meyers (banjo, vocals). 2000  

18 Hard Times 2:51  Rick Meyers (guitar, vocal), Wendy Carson (guitar, vocal), Mark Poss (JH). 2000

19 Strum und Twang 0:37  Roland Bades (maultrommels), Larry Hanks (guitar). 2000

20 Irish Duet 1:38  John Bogert (harmonica), Gordon Frazier (JH). 2000

21 Twin-Twang 2:05  Chris Towne (JH–left), Gordon Frazier (JH–right). 2000

22 Kazowiee!! 1:55  Matt Glasson (JH, vocals). 2000

All selections are Public Domain, spontaneous music, or original compositions of the performers.

"DogFrogCatFish" Copyright 1998, Michael Bruesch. "Hard Times" is by Stephen Foster.

The Musicians: Australia: Matt Whyntie Austria: Roland Bades Hungary: Aron Szilágyi The Netherlands: Desiree van Dijk United States: Chris Towne (CA); John Bogert, Michael Bruesch, Wendy Carson, Dave Gloor, Wayland Harman, Mark Poss (ID); Matt Glasson (NY); Jerry Copeland, Jules DeGiulio, Bill Gohring, Kreg Hawkins, Dick Kaiser, Susan Koch, Rick Meyers (OR); Job Matusow (UT); Ingrid Berkhout, Gordon Frazier, Denver Greer, Larry Hanks (WA).

The Instruments: Dumbek: goblet-shaped drum from the Middle East. Bhodran: Irish frame drum. Dorumb: Hungarian JH. Clackamore: wooden mouth-resonated instrument. Didjeridu: wind instrument made from a large hollow branch, from Australia. Kubing: bamboo JH from the Philippines. Maultrommel: Austrian JH; several may be used alternately during a single song.

THE JEW'S HARP is a small musical instrument which is held against the teeth or lips, and plucked with the fingers. Its appearance in many cultures of the world, and ancient roots, attest to the magical essence of this simple instrument.

THE JEW'S HARP GUILD is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and art of this, and other, ancient, unique, or culturally significant acoustic instruments.

The residents and community of Richland, Oregon
The Eagle Valley Grange
Jew's Harp Guild members around the world
NAJHF participants, past and present (sorry you all couldn't appear on this recording)

Original Art: Wayland Harman (front cover), Ron Vinson (Jew’s Harp Man)
Cover Design: Mark D. Poss
Cover Photography: Veronica Poss (sunset)
Typography and layout: Gordon Frazier
Recording Engineer: Dan Gossi
Post-Production Engineer: Mark D. Poss

Published and distributed by Mouth Music Press &

Copyright 2002 by The Jew’s Harp Guild. Used by agreement. All rights reserved.

For more information contact: The Jew’s Harp Guild